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15 September 2008 @ 11:31 pm
Hehe, Dog and I finally making a bit of a stand...Collapse )
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07 September 2008 @ 12:18 am

I hate this game. Stupid piece of crap decided tonight would be the night where it would just continually crash back to the desktop every time I tried to join a multiplayer game and I also discovered that the single player version doesn't work either. I've tried running virtually every scan I have to check my computer since I managed to get some crappy as malware on it yesterday (that stupid antivirus xp program) so I've now got what looks a reasonably clean computer in regards to spyware etc but the game still won't work so I uninstalled it and then tried to reinstall it only to have it perform every error under the sun while attempting to install. Turns out that issue was simply a dirty disc *grumbles* so I'm now sitting here waiting for it to reinstall *twiddles her thumbs* I will be back later with an update on whether or not this has solved my gaming issues.

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23 June 2008 @ 02:13 am

Wow, I really hope we never do this sort of crap...

We were already struggling so they move their crappiest player over to our team to balance the teams. Thanks for that. Way to make the game a good experience. Most of our admin actually try to balance the teams so that the game is somewhat competitive but not these guys. Well, not tonight, anyway.

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18 June 2008 @ 11:33 pm
Had a scrim or funwar depending on who you talk to tonight. We lost the first round on the map we chose - QwikFuel. Always good to lose on the map you chose to play on. But, we did much better on A-bomb Nightclub, the map ATS chose.

Also had a game of TSS in the ^LLD server tonight. Was quite enjoyable.

Bought another new game on Monday - Counter-Strike: Source. Haven't actually played it yet but I'm getting quite a collection of games now. Also, we've completely re-vamped the ^LLD site and structure since last time and I got an awesome promotion even though I probably don't deserve it. I'm now an admin, which is nice, but I'm not sure if I've actually  earned the right to be admin. Maybe on behind the scenes stuff but definitely not on my gaming scores alone. I'm just an average player.
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12 June 2008 @ 01:18 am
No gaming news tonight. Can't bebothered. And I'm going through a period where I'm playing like an absolute noob so i really don't want to talk about the gaming side of things. In other news, I have finally acquired a Logitech G15 keyboard and G5 mouse to begin completing my gaming rig. These come thanks to mum and dad as an early birthday present. Oh, they also bought me a lovely gaming mouse pad too which is nice and big and seems to work quite nicely. 

I have since used them both to play Swat 4 and I think they're better. I don't have to press and click things multiple times to get things to happen. We'll see how it goes, I guess. Oh, and I also bought a new game today, Silent Hunter 4 - Wolves of the Pacific. That takes care of the water fighting genre but I'm still hunting for a decent plane fighter game. Falcon 4.0: Allied Force is way too involved for me. I want to play not actually learn how to fly a fighter jet. I would love to have something like A-10 Cuba.
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